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Gateshead Council approached us to rebrand their identity. We designed a marque that was both instantly recognisable, attractive and very importantly could work across an enormous amount of applications. The logo has to work in one or full colour, as well as across very large and very small formats.

Extensive research was taken into how the logo would reproduce on printed materials, vans, pavements, uniforms, digital, signage etc the list was endless! The end result is an identity which the Council and people of Gateshead can relate to and are proud of. We were also asked by Gateshead Council to design an identity for Gateshead Stadium. We designed a marque which echoed the distinctive main stand of the stadium coupled with clear typography. The result is a clear identity which has been applied across all of Gateshead Stadium's marketing materials from business cards to signage.

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Gateshead Council worked with Solution Group to create two key pieces of branding – an update to the Council logo and a new logo for the Gateshead International Stadium. We found their approach very professional and efficient. Their advice on the use and requirements of such logos across lots of communication channels was invaluable and the result was a simple, clean and practical solution to what we needed – creating a brand that has worked well for us for a number of years. The team were always very honest, open and friendly and the whole process was straightforward and met all our agreed deadlines.

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