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Biennale Literature

Northern Print - Biennale Literature

Biennale Literature

Northern Print - Biennale Literature

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Northern Print - Literature

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Northern Print is a fantastic gallery and printmaking studio located in the heart of Newcastle's Ouseburn Valley. We worked extensively with the studio on their branding, delivering a memorable identity based on inky fingerprints, (each business card has the persons unique fingerprints printed on it).

When Northern Print moved into new premises and held an opening exhibition they asked us to produce a publication to mark the occasion. Each page consisted of a different quote from a different artist from the exhibition. We illustrated each piece of writing with typography only. It was a radical approach which won us a European Design Award for typography.

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A strong visual identity that communicated the subtleties and power of print was vitally important to us as we are an arts organisation committed to printmaking. The fingerprint logo perfectly encapsulates the uniqueness and universality of printmaking as well as the of work we do at Northern Print. It has stood the test of time and continues to communicate everything that is important to us.

The other branded materials, brochures and catalogues have strengthened our identity with high quality design that allows the artists’ work and ideas to sing out from the page. The selection of paper stock, subtle qualities such as hand-stitching and embossing all reinforce the tactile qualities of print and engage people in our work.

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