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Classical Brochure

Sage Gateshead - Classical Brochure

Music Lovers Field Companion Branding

Sage Gateshead - Music Lovers Field Companion Branding

Annual Report

Sage Gateshead - Annual Report

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Sage Gateshead - Jazz Festival Branding

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Sage Gateshead - 5 years brochure

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Sage Gateshead - SummerTyne Branding

SummerTyne Branding

Sage Gateshead - SummerTyne Branding

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We have worked with Sage Gateshead for many years on lots of different flagship projects. From the branding of SummerTyne - the amazing Americana festival, the Musical Lovers Field Companion - a contemporary music festival to branding and typography for the Gateshead International Jazz Festival.

We have also been commissioned to design corporate work including their Annual Reports and the five year celebratory brochure. Our work for Sage Gateshead has been recognised by 'Fresh' the national design awards for it’s design excellence.

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We have been working with Solution Group for the past five years, working on many projects including our highly successful SummerTyne Americana Festival. They are great to work with, creative, fun and are always prepared to go the extra mile. Working with a company that you can rely upon and trust is worth every penny.
Marketing & Communications Manager,
The Sage?Gateshead

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