National Youth Choir

National Youth Choir is the family of choirs for outstanding young singers, and those with outstanding potential, in the United Kingdom. It comprises a total of five choirs of young people between the ages of 9 and 25.

We design all of the promotional marketing materials across digital and print channels from major social media campaigns to album covers to info graphics to newsletters to animated films. As there is such a diverse range of events and age ranges this calls for a flexible design solution. Each event has to have it’s own strong identity making sure the design work is lively and exciting for younger people to be inspired by whilst sitting under the National Youth Choir brand.


Solution Group have brought a fresh new look and feel to the National Youth Choir brand that has taken it to the next level. A team of ‘real artists’, their work is both highly skilled and creatively exciting. As a client we are listened to and understood – they very much feel like an extension of our marketing team! Solution Group are genuinely warm and lovely people to work with; they care passionately about their work and fulfil our briefs to the highest standard every time. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Nina Byrne,
Head of Communications & Audience Development
National Youth Choir

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